High Definition Carriage House Garage Doors

Our high definition carriage house doors incorporate the traditional wood carriage house door look, but take it to the next level with one of three overlays – steel, steel with a beadboard look, or wood on steel.

These overlays provide a level of relief unobtainable through stamped steel products with enhanced design flexibility. Made of durable steel, these doors will enhance your home and cause your curb appeal to skyrocket!

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Choose from three overlays to enhance your carriage house garage door: steel, steel with a beadboard look, or wood:

Overlayed Steel Door

Overlayed Steel Door with Beadboard Look

Overlayed Wood Door


Insulation Levels

Due to the high-quality of Great Garage Door Company’s high-definition carriage house doors, these doors are available only in the highest insulation levels. Choose from Level III or Level IV below.

  • Level III: Sandwich steel construction uses two steel skins laminated to a polystyrene core for added strength and a higher insulation value. (R=9.65)
  • Level IV: All the traditional charm with the high-tech construction of a foamed-in-place polyurethane core between two steel skins. (Outstanding R=16.55)

Window Choices

We offer a variety of window choices, available in clear or glue chip, depending on the model. Insulated glass and designer glass is also available for some models. Click the photo below to enlarge it and see which window choice is right for you!


Color Choices

Our high definition carriage house garage doors come in a variety of colors. Inquire with your Great Garage Door Company expert during your free estimate to choose the one that you prefer.

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware is a simple way to enhance the look of your garage door. At Great Garage Door, we provide a variety of options to give your garage door the appearance you want. Click the photo below to enlarge it, and choose the decorative hardware that’s right for you.

Standard Carriage House Doors

If you’re looking for the charm of carriage house doors without the additional overlays, see our standard carriage house doors here. With a variety of insulation levels, window options, and colors, these doors are a great choice!

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