MN Garage Door Opener Repair

When your garage door opener stops working, there could be a variety of things wrong. Great Garage Door Company can fix all of it with same day service.

Here are a few reasons your garage door opener may not be working:

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Misaligned or Broken Safety Photo Eyes

The “eyes” are located 6” from the floor on the track or just outside the track of your garage door. They shine an infrared beam across the garage opening. When that beam is broken, the garage door opener will not close with your transmitters. You’ll need to hold the wall button depressed to get the opener to run.

95% of the time, this happens because the safety photo eyes have become misaligned and no longer “see” each other. This may be a result of being bumped or from vibration. Simply reposition them, and the garage door opener will resume working.

However, 5% of the time, the eyes or eye wires may be broken and you’ll need to call a professional like Great Garage Door. If you’ve tried to reposition the eyes and your opener is still not working, give us a call. The eyes are a significant part of the safety system of your garage door opener, and their proper function is essential to keeping your system safe.

Worn Out Gear Assemblies

Most openers have gear assemblies that connect the chain (or belt) you see above you to the electric motor inside the garage door opener head. Over time the gears in these assemblies will wear out and need to be replaced.

If you can hear the opener running but the door is not moving, a worn out gear assembly is likely the culprit. The gear assembly is repairable, but most of the opener needs to be disassembled, so you’ll usually want to call us.

Broken Opener Electronics and Controls

Transmitters, keypads, circuit boards, wall buttons, rpm sensors, and photo eyes are some of the electronic components that make up your garage door opener. All parts are brand specific, which mean that they won’t work with other brands. Many are also model specific.

At Great Garage Door Company, we stock most parts for multiple brands and can order anything that is still in production. If you choose to purchase a part over the counter instead, it’s best to bring the old part along with the brand and model info.

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