Great Garage Door Company – Serving the Twin Cities Since 1985

Wooden Garage Doors Installed by Great Garage Door

Great Garage Door Company is a locally owned and operated business with combined experience of over a hundred years.

Over the past 30 years of business, Great Garage Door Company has served more than 160,000 clients with outstanding service and support.

We are a founding member of the International Door Association and part of the elite 5% of garage door companies fully accredited through IDA. We’ve been named multiple times in the Sun papers for Best Garage Door, we’re A+ rated by the BBB, and we’re a candidate for the BBB Torch Award for Ethical Business Practices. We are also a multi-year service award winner!

At Great Garage Door, we provide award-winning service on all brands of doors and openers from multiple locations across the Twin Cities. No matter where you live in the Twin Cities area, there’s a Great Garage Door service location near you!

Premium Garage Door Products that Add Quality to Your Home

At Great Garage Door Company, we don’t simply install mass-produced doors. Instead, we are an original equipment manufacturer of our own product line: Endurance Door Inc.

We use the best components available nationally to assemble the best quality products at extremely competitive prices. Our products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Twin Cities clients like you, and our 21,100 sq/ft production facility is designed specifically to allow us to create the best garage door products possible, including:

  • A full line of residential doors, including raised panel doors, wood tone doors, and wood doors, as well as custom options such as recessed panel doors, full vision doors, and custom-designed overlayed doors.
  • A full line of custom-designed wood and steel carriage house doors, plus an additional line of high-definition carriage house doors.
  • A full line of commercial garage doors, which are built to last and can be installed to fit any application.
  • A variety of garage door openers for both residential and commercial doors.
  • Unsurpassed hardware packages that give you the benefit of longer garage door life and hassle-free garage doors! These include:
    • Self-lubricating rollers (which means no more rusted or seized up rollers!)
    • 14-gauge (commercial grade) hinges (instead of the standard 18-gauge hinges used by most companies)
    • Long-life 15,000 cycle torsion springs on all 7’ doors
    • 1/8” aircraft-grade cable (rather than 3/32” standard residential cables)
    • Vinyl- and steel-backed insulated doors
    • Heavy duty end bearings for reduced cable wear
    • Long horizontal track support for reduced roller wear

Personalized Treatment for Every Customer

More than 50% of our jobs come from prior customers or referrals – which is a testament to Great Garage Door’s focus on customer service. Our many service locations ensure that we can help you no matter where you’re located in the Twin Cities, and our two showrooms have extended hours and experienced sales and office staff to answer any and all of your questions.

We pride ourselves on a customer-focused process. When you’re in need of a garage door, we will come to your home or business, show you photos, measure, explain any unique features of your garage, and give you a free estimate. We work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need – and stay within your budget.

At Great Garage Door, we are large enough to handle all of your garage door needs…and small enough to give you the personalized service you deserve!

Free Estimates

Same Day Service

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we will always be there for you

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the best warranties available

Lifetime warranty on door sections
Lifetime spring warranty
5 year applied hardware warranty
1 year labor warranty
We build the quality into all of our products and stand behind them with award winning service since 1985

Garage Door Experts Who Solve Problems Efficiently

Our team of 24 garage door experts are employees of Great Garage Door – not subcontractors – and each one is fully trained and supervised. Our experts will come to your home or business in one of our 20 fully-equipped company trucks, loaded with man lifts, genie lifts, and anything else required to get a job done – no matter how large or small.

The Best Warranties in the Business and Our Forever Pledge

At Great Garage Door, we offer the best warranties available. We build quality into all of our products and stand behind them. Our warranties include:

We also make a “Forever Pledge to our clients: it’s as simple as this: “We will always be there to help you!”

If we install a new garage door for you and you ever have a concern about it, we will come and check it out for you at no charge. We don’t care if the door is 5 years old, 10 years old, or 15 years old. We don’t care if it’s beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. If you purchased it from us, we will be there to help!

Please note this applies only to new door installations purchased originally by your family. It does not apply to rental property. Visits are scheduled during normal business hours only.

Great Garage Door’s Green Initiative

What happens to your old garage door when you get a new one?

At Great Garage Door, we are dedicated to being environmentally responsible. That’s why we recycle more than 93% of the material removed from your garage and the packaging material for your new door! Steel, aluminum, and cardboard are separated and sent to their respective recycling facilities. Wood products are shredded for recycling. Last year alone, we recycled over 500,000 pounds of material!

What Do I Do If I Need a New Garage Door?

At Great Garage Door, we understand that the process of buying and installing a new garage door can seem overwhelming. We’re committed to making it as simple as possible. Here’s how our process works!

1. Call Great Garage Door Company.

If know the size of your door and the features you want, just call us, and we can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. You can then decide if you’re interested enough to invite us out for a free estimate. Unsure what sizes or features you want? No problem. Just call to schedule you’re estimate, and we’ll help you figure that out when we get there.

2. Get a free estimate.

During your free estimate, a Great Garage Door expert will work closely with you to help you figure out exactly what you need – and want! We’ll measure your current garage door, check your door opening to assess your insulation needs, and talk about the features you’re considering, including style, color, and insulation value. We’ll show you pictures and door samples for products that fit your needs, explain the differences between each door, and make recommendation.

At the end of this estimate, we’ll write a firm quote on the doors you like and leave you literature to review as you consider moving forward. You do not need to make a decision while we’re there! Great Garage Door is a no-pressure company. We’re simply here to help you through the process!

3. Choose to accept or reject the quote.

If, after your free estimate, you’re not interested in moving forward with the quote we’ve given you, that’s completely fine. We won’t call and harass you or pressure you into making a decision!

However, if you do want to move forward, simply give us a call. If your door is a product we have in stock at our warehouse (about 75% of our doors come from stock), we’ll set an installation date that works for you. Most doors can be installed within a week, and we don’t collect payment until the time of installation.

If your door needs to be special ordered, we’ll let you know the order date, the expected arrival, and set an installation date with you. We order trucks every two weeks, so you’ll usually have your door within three weeks. We require a 50% deposit at the time of ordering for special order garage doors, and then we collect the balance at the time of installation.

Great Garage Door Company is in your area. Contact us today to request an estimate!